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People spend most of their day at work, and most of the time at their desks, this is why offices and functional areas require effective lighting. Regent has combined stylish luminaire design with the latest LED technology to create light fittings for diverse office applications. The biological clock, also called the circadian rhythm (from the Latin circa dies, "about a day") and plays an important role in regulating wakefulness and sleep. If we can help that clock, we can help people feel better. By designing good lighting systems, lighting can help increase concentration and motivation and to improve well-being.
The right lighting can positively impact emotions and how people feel about their space that is why Regent's office luminaires are the ideal lighting solution for any office. A lighting solution must cater for the people and their needs, this means you need to strike a balance between the individuals freedom to make adjustments and the automated intervention. By focusing on lighting requirements with a large number of fittings and using technology we are able to ensure that the appropriate lighting is achieved throughout the office.


Lighting control is an efficient way to save energy and provide light at the right place and at the right time, examples of this would be daylight harvesting which is self managing according to the incident of daylight or motion control. Our range of office lighting offers a positive experience to the user, however ensuring that the correct fitting is specified for the appropriate application is of the utmost importance as with the advent of LED technology glare control has become an event more important factor. Our office range of luminaires cater for various environments from our Luxon range with <19 UGR to our Signa range for more glare sensitive office environment where UGR range of <16 - <18 is required.


We develop LED solutions based on the latest research that are tested thoroughly in our in-house lighting laboratory, where we make use of the latest expertise and equipment. This allows us to ensure that all standards are achieved and exceeded.