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With our highly efficient lighting technology, easy maintenance and robust construction, Regent offers a comprehensive range of industrial light solutions to enhance environments and improve energy efficiency. 

Unique building characteristics, high ceilings, expansive spaces, low levels of daylight, narrow aisle and long operating hours create lighting challenges, at Regent we are able to offer customized lighting solutions to address all these challenges. LED lighting delivers better light distribution, visual acuity, colour consistency and optical control with less energy, less waste and longer replacement intervals.

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Maintenance is complicated in these environments especially if the operation runs 24 hours and the operation requires uninterrupted light, engaging with our design team can ensure all requirements are achieved before the products are supplied, looking at the long term cost implications is critical.

Part of the assessment is how a warehouse will operate, will the facility require illumination throughout the warehouse all the time? It is for this reason that Regent offer advance lighting controls like daylight harvesting, motion sensors and wireless controls to ensure your Lighting System operates efficiently while reducing energy and maintenance cost without compromising aesthetics.

Sustainable Lighting technologies are becoming increasingly important to industries throughout the world, measures to increase resource and energy efficiency to optimize operational processes are becoming the norm. Many buildings also need to be modernized to meet applicable energy requirements at lower operational costs. 

Our range of industrial Lighting has been developed taking into account the following criteria

  • Flexibility.
  • Reliability.
  • Durability.
  • Efficient optical systems.
  • Thermally protected power supplies with certified guarantees. 
  • Long term cost savings .

Regents Industrial LED luminaires and control systems are an investment in the future, our range improves lighting quality, reduces expenditure on maintenance and works safely and reliably for many years. Different applications have unique demands on lighting in industrial buildings, taking into account work flows and areas of activity throughout the entire building allow our designers and consultants the opportunity to tailor a selection of products to meet your long term requirements.