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This luminaire is specifically implemented in all lighting applications in street, parking areas and landscapes. Light distribution in this fitting is asymmetrical and is used to provide a predominantly functional purpose in guiding or leading people and vehicles.

Ideal solution for A4 and B class roadways & parking areas

Asymmetrical light distribution

Post or wall mounted

Designed to operate a range of LED’s up to 93W

Recommended mounting height 3.5m to 7m





HOUSING : LM 6 die cast aluminium.

LIGHT SOURCE : The fitting is designed to operate a range of LED’s up to 93W. The LED is an Osram high powered LED mounted onto an aluminium circuit board incorporating Zener diodes and thermal protection.
Recommended LED 4000 Kelvin Natural white with CRI >70.
At an ambient temperature of 25° C, the lumen maintenance is 90% at 45 000 hours and 70% at 100 000 hours.

DIFFUSER : Toughened glass or high impact acrylic offering added protection for optical lenses.

LENSES : Modular optical lenses. Material PMMA.
Various lens options available for different applications, allowing for custom solutions.

FINISH : Cast aluminium or powder coated.

MOUNTING : Post mounted or wall mounted. Luminaire designed to face downwards at a maximum rake of 15°.
Spigot entry 42mm Ø .
Recommended mounting height 3.5m to 7m.

CONTROL GEAR : The electronic power supply is suitable for operation with a 220 - 240 volts. 50 hertz single phase.
Incorporating an electronic trip connector protector with surge protection 6 KV. Additional removable inline surge arrester 10 KV.

FASTENERS : All external screws are stainless steel. Cable glands are SABS approved to insulate IP67 ingress protection.

GASKET : Gaskets are manufactured from post cured silicone rubber material. Silicone gaskets perform in a wide temperature range -40° C to +200° C.

INGRESS PROTECTION : Ingress Protection Rating optical compartment - IP 66.
Ingress Protection Rating gear compartment - IP 65.


WEIGHT : 6.9 Kg total including control gear.

WINDAGE : Max. projected areas for mounting 0.02m2 .


LED Osram Oslon Square Giant 4000 Kelvin

 12 LED's24 LED's36 LED's
350mA12W1910 lm23W3820 lm35W5730 lm
500mA17W2676 lm34W5352 lm51W8028 lm
700mA24W3617lm48W7234 lm72W10851 lm
900mA31W4443 lm62W8886 lm93W13329 lm

3000K and 5000K available on request. For 3000K reduce lumen output by 7%.

The nominal flux of the LED is based on the LED manufacturers data at 25° C.

The environmental conditions of the installation will impact the efficiency of the LED’s.

Due to the continual advancement in LED technology the type of LED is subject to change.



  • Indoor or outdoor application.
  • Asymmetrical distribution.
  • Roadways - A4 class and B class.
  • Parking areas.
  • Parks and gardens.
  • Residential areas.
  • Squares and plazas.
Istria Light Distribution


Black (BL)
White (WH)
Matt Silver (MS)
Charcoal Grey (CG)




Istria Post Top
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