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Lakeview Nedbank

Regent Lighting Solutions was asked to supply specialised internal and certain of the external lights for the new Nedbank building next to the N1 Highway at 14th Avenue. The Architects for the project were MWLF, CAI were the Consulting Engineers and Edison Power Gauteng were the contractors. The brief was to use LED’s as much as possible and create a different “feel '' to the traditional way of lighting spaces with down lights. Therefore, the Regent Linear Pro LED light was used together with high powered LED Cove lights. This lighting concept was used in all the lobby's, boardrooms and meeting rooms. The toilets were also lit with LED linear lights.


The lecture theatre required high levels of light but with a Dali dimming system. The lighting requirement was met by supplying Linear high powered LED lights with Dali dimmable ballasts.Sputnik narrow beam floodlights were supplied to highlight the main entrance columns.

The client required a main feature light for the main 5 storey stairwell. Together with the professional team we developed a 12W LED system. 12 twenty meter cables were fixed from the ceiling and the floor. Each pair of cables was linked to an ECG. Due to the length of the cables to avoid power drop off, we installed dead joint in the middle and had an ECG in the roof and at the floor level. Varying LED lights were then “randomly” connected to the cables – much like fixing 12V dichroic lamps to a traditional cable system.