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Cape Town, Western Cape

A complex project with various special requirements, RLS being a local manufacturer, and vast experience in custom and unique requests, our team were excited to be a part of the Expansion on the Cape Town Convention Centre also referred to as CTICC.

Working closely with architects VDMMA and electrical engineers Mott Macdonald, we custom designed and manufactured aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient fittings with the ultimate requirement to achieve Green star ratings. The design intent was to supply and manufacture lighting fixtures for the 10000m2 Halls, public concourse and all meeting rooms. We produced 3D renderings of the proposed fitting that would meet the requirements, determined the appropriate lighting calculations through variations in lighting designs and ultimately after 3D printing the proposed end product, we manufactured sample fittings that could be inspected for final approval.

The key exterior element of this unique project was the development of a specialised External Bollard called the Thia that was designed to complement the urban flow of the pedestrian walkways with the need to be efficient, vandle-proof and adaptable in its application.

With access to the latest lighting technology, all the fittings we supplied were manufactured with integration for special dimmable drivers to work seamless with the BMS system. All luminaires were supplied with Ready2Mains drivers and controlled with the Ready2Mains Tridonic gateway system. This technology enables digital signals to be transmitted over the mains voltage cables. Typically, intelligent lighting control required control wires over and above the electrical supply wires which means that we could then achieve manual dimming & scene control without the use of control wires. Luminaires are controlled and dimmed directly via the mains, with no need for any additional wiring.

Ready2mains allows for easy and cost-efficient refurbishment of luminaire installations with the latest dimmable LED technology. It is simple to install and provides the basis for cost-effective solutions.

Low-cost upgrade from non-dimmable installations to dimmable LED solutions  |  Energy savings from simple integration of sensors and push-buttons by using the one4all interface (DALI, DSI, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION)  |  No need for rewiring in the ceilings

RLS worked hand in hand with the local Tridonic technical staff in the set-up and commissioning of this system & take great pride in being the first to commission a ready2mains system at this scale. Our vast range of interior fittings enabled VDMMA the ability to select complete families of products. These families include variations in size, beam angles and applications of a given product. This proved to be an effortless and extremely effective process as down lighters with various lumen output and wattages seamlessly integrated into each area due to variations in ceiling height, room applications and fixing requirements.

Custom solutions were required on the interior of the project for example, special ceilings with slats offered a challenge in our design capabilities, however our many years of experience aided in our ability to create a unique bracket that enabled access to the fitting for mounting and future maintenance.






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