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RLS - Kibo Pendant

KIBO Pendant | Suspended Interior Lighting

The Kibo Pendant was  specifically developed for shop lighting applications that require adjustable mounting heights. The Fitting is 2 x Kibo 2006 placed into a aluminium frame and suspended with stainless steel suspension cables. The luminaire can be rotated on both the horizontal and vertical plane.

CRETO | Concrete Bollard

The Creto Concrete Bollard specifically developed for landscape lighting. The Fitting is an aluminium casting, cast into concrete to allow for electronic components to be housed in a maintainable compartment. The Creto will stand at a height 470mm from floor level and is 380mm wide.


SUDO | Ceiling Mounted or Suspended

The Sudo is a small cylindrical surface-mounted down lighter within an elegant tube design to decorate your interiors. The LED technology guarantees outstanding light quality, high energy efficiency and a long lifespan. This fitting has been specially adapted to house an Elux 68 13W downlight mounted to a modified gear tray. The Sudo can be both ceiling mounted or suspended depending on the requirements.


TAURUS | Wall Mounted

The Taurus is a new wall mounted fitting rated IP65, with 3 variations (2-way, 3-way & 4-way) and multiple lens options available.

2-way | 124W | 18000Lm | 300mm x 330mm
3-way | 213W | 27000Lm | 440mm x 330mm
4-way | 284W | 36000Lm | 580mm x 330mm


The Serengeti Maxi is a new wall mounted fitting rated IP65, with a single light source or double light source available. The Fitting is housed in an aluminium body and is made for ease of access to the internal components via side entry.

FIREFLY | LED Light Module

The Firefly is an LED Module that specifically developed for accent based lighting. The module itself is made from aluminium & is conveniently threaded into the body of an EOS & the Bright Walkway fittings. The Firefly with its acrylic diffuser is IP65 & houses an Oslon LED up to 1.25W.